Under this section I will generate a list of free to inexpensive software solutions that can be used to enhance lessons and activities in the classroom. Please feel free to email me with additional software that other educators might find useful.

In the Subject Line of your email, please add Gaming4ed: Web2.0 Tool so it stands out and I can locate it faster. Then, in the body of the email, include what you know about it: Software Name, Type of Tool, Brief Description, URL Location, Price: Free or $, and Contributor: Your Name, Contact Email, personal URL if you have one (if you want to include this).

**Please DO NOT send links to TRIAL software as these are not conducive to educational lessons and activities as the trials do not last for very long. This page is strictly software educators can easily access or obtain to evaluate for use in their classroom.


This is an online tool that allows you to create audio/video podcasts. It appears to give you a blog-type spot where you can post comments and podcasts. It has a free and paid version. I created a free account and am evaluating it. http://gaming4ed.podbean.com/
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