Walden University – Course 6713: Week 4 Application

I have decided to go with a class blog, after careful consideration from research and discussion with my classmates regarding blogs, wikis, and even a class newsletter. At this time, it is the most convenient way for me to communicate with my parents through the use of current technology (ISTE, 2008). Later, I would like to add a newsletter option, but that will require a fair amount of pre-planning and organizing before I would be ready for that step.

Currently, I have acquired my class blog at falgoust.wordpress.com and will be adding a theme and editing the features. I also added a page which will house a copy of my MLA Style Guide once complete. The page includes links from some websites I found useful. I will use these references, and others if necessary, to compile my classroom guide for students.

One time-consuming task is obtaining parent emails from the school nurse’s student records. I have to go in, one by one, and pull my students, and record the data. Those parents who did not put an email address on this card, I will contact by phone to see if they would like to include an email address to get assignment, project and test updates for my class.

I do not see a need yet for modifying my action plan, therefore I will continue with what is on my agenda. However, as mentioned above, I have learned of a way to make a class newsletter work. It will require preliminary work to get set-up, which can be done over the summer, as well as gaining the support of several dependable and trust-worthy students to continually help lay out the document during the school year. One question that has arisen through peer discussions is, “in what instance might an educator create a wiki that allows parents to collaborate by adding to and editing a class wiki?” Any suggestions?

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