Walden University – Course 6713: Week 5 Application, Part I

My NETS-T goals were to (1) effectively correspond with parents through the use of current technologies, and (2) provide additional avenues to teach “legal and ethical use of” technology and online content. In reflecting upon my progress, I feel my actions have helped me to meet these goals.

  • I sought out and collected parent emails from the front office files;
  • I set up a blog with a categories feature that allows postings to be searched by general course information, assignments, tests, projects and announcements to readily provide information to my parents and students; and
  • I created a “Quick MLA Reference Card” for my students and myself, and have implemented more assignments requiring research with a works cited page.

I have learned that my parents love the added communication resource. The blog news postings allows them to stay informed of course happenings and be actively involved with their child’s academic life. I have also learned that having a quick MLA style guide for myself to check student work against has made me more confident in assigning projects with research. In addition, I have observed my students readily utilizing their reference cards during their assignments.

Although my parents like the blog as a new information resource, the parents have had to voluntarily sign up to receive posting updates. I have been working with the email settings, but I have yet to find a way to automatically subscribe parents, whom I have manually added as users of the blog, to receive emails when updates are posted. If I am unable to set this up, I may look into creating a blog on my Moodle system and transferring the data there, or researching other possible communication tools that might fit my purposes better.