Walden University Assignment – Course 6714: Week 8 Reflection

Technology integration adjustments I can immediately implement into my instructional practice, as a result of what I have learned through this course, is to establish an online presence for my classroom. Through a website or wiki, I can keep students and parents informed regarding current activities and upcoming assessments, as well as provide a “library” of multiple instructional and learning resources for students to utilize as needed. When I get ready to present a new unit, I can review my current materials and add or create additional materials to meet the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning style preferences of my students. Involving the students, I can incorporate time for exploring concepts. They can share their findings with the class, the class can decide which links would be most helpful and informative, and then the resource links can be added to the unit library. Not only does this solution promote the building of a classroom learning community, this tool also offers continued variation of instructional and learning materials (Laureate Education, 2009).

Another tool I am excited to use in my classroom is The Birmingham Grid for Learning online survey that identifies which of the eight intelligences people favor most (Birmingham City Council, 2002). As a way to break the ice and allow me to get to know my students at the beginning of each school year, in addition to encouraging students to open up and get to know their fellow classmates, I can have students take this survey, assess themselves, and create a “Who I Am” document or presentation. I would first have to emphasize the importance of our own unique interests and talents with a fun “hook” activity before I allow them to take the survey and begin their self exploration.

Adding to the immediate adjustment of my instructional practice, would be to encourage my students to use the technology available in our classroom computer lab to create their “Who I Am” product illustrating their most prominent learning intelligence(s) and preferred learning style. Since once of the main motives is to break the ice and get to know their peers, students can choose to collaborate with their classmates to gain ideas and explore available technology.


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