Walden University – Course 6713: Week 3 Application, Part 1

As previously stated in my GAME Plan, my goals are to provide a blog (or possibly wiki) as means to inform parents of upcoming assignments, projects, tests, etc., as well as become better familiar with MLA style formatting.

The resources I will need in order to carry out my plan include:

    1. Internet access for research and to create and update my blog/wiki,
    2. Blog or wiki to to post class information to for parents and students,
    3. MLA style guide(s) and/or online MLA style guide resources to research formatting for commonly used reference materials,
    4. Microsoft Word to create a quick MLA style reference guide sheet,
    5. Adobe Acrobat or CutePDF to create a portable document format of the guide sheet that can be opened without the need for Microsoft Word, and can be referenced by students.

    Additional information I will need to obtain are parent emails to add the parents as users of the wiki/blog.

    Currently, I am look up the pros and cons of wikis and blogs regarding the levels of user access. I want the parents to contribute, but not have access to change information in certain areas, which I know can be done on a wiki. There is a little more research to be done, before I decide, but that is what I am currently looking into.