Game Maker Lite vs. Pro (Network Traffic)


Testing and Evaluation Results

Game Maker Lite is the free version to Game Maker Pro. Both allow you to design and produce games, however, the Lite version has fewer pre-programmed, drag-and-drop, action features. In addition, the Lite version “talks back and forth” or sends and receives information from two countries; one being Russia. Russia is known for its high volume of Malware (known as malicious software) traffic over networks. As this creates obvious concerns for school districts looking to implement game development courses, I worked with Alan Duerr, Network Administrator for Hays Consolidated Independent School District, to test Game Maker and see if the same was true for the paid Pro version. After running several test scenarios, from designing games to running and playing those games, the Pro version proved to have absolutely no communication with outside countries. An additional benefit we discovered during our testing concluded that there was minimal traffic being sent and received which slows down District networks.

Got Gaming Statistics?


“Got Game” by Beck & Wade, 2004

Statistic Tidbits

  • The gaming generation makes up 90 million individuals from the United States alone.
  • Approximately 56 million of these individuals are already saturating the workforce, from employees to upper management positions.
  • About 12% are said to be managers already.
  • In 2003, around 92% of kids age 2 through 17 in the United States access games on a daily basis.
  • Of this 92%, only 80% are know to have home computers or some form of Internet access.
  • 5 out of every 10 Americans play video games.
  • 39% of these gamers are women.

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Beck, J. & Wade, M. (2004). Got game: How the gamer generation is reshaping business forever. Harvard Business School Press. Boston, MA.

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